On Wednesdays we wear pink

Hello, today was a pretty normal day starting with a lie-in. After school I went into town and looked around, a store called "seppälä" had some kind of anniversary so they served free mead, donuts, marshmallows and popcorn. When I got home my sis and I decided to go back into town which we did and I bought some new stuff that I'll show you in this week's video.

Tomorrow is "Valborgsafton" which apparently translates into Walpurgis Night. I hope it's gonna be fun, then on the first of may we celebrate the workers since it's the international worker's day. Here in Finland it's a public holiday and everybody celebrates and has fun. My family goes out to eat to the same restaurant every year and this year is no exception.

Talk to you later.

Love, Filippa

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