On Wednesdays we wear pink

Hello, today was a pretty normal day starting with a lie-in. After school I went into town and looked around, a store called "seppälä" had some kind of anniversary so they served free mead, donuts, marshmallows and popcorn. When I got home my sis and I decided to go back into town which we did and I bought some new stuff that I'll show you in this week's video.

Tomorrow is "Valborgsafton" which apparently translates into Walpurgis Night. I hope it's gonna be fun, then on the first of may we celebrate the workers since it's the international worker's day. Here in Finland it's a public holiday and everybody celebrates and has fun. My family goes out to eat to the same restaurant every year and this year is no exception.

Talk to you later.

Love, Filippa


Another year has passed and what have I learned?

A couple of photos from last week.

I was looking through my old pictures from last year's april-may and I felt so weird. Thinking back on my life a year ago, is neither pleasant nor difficult. It just is. A year ago my life was nothing like it is today, nothing is the same. But at the same time nothing has changed. 

Hindsight is 20/20. A saying that describes what's going on in my mind perfectly. I often imagine going back in time (in my own life) and changing everything. But I guess it's so easy to say that now  when I know what the right decision is, but I made the decision to the best of my ability at the time and that has to be enough.

But if I did go back and change my life nothing would be the same, not anybody around me, I wouldn't be the same person, even the world wouldn't look the same. And there are loads of things that I would never ever want to change. 

Life is what you make it. 

Hope you are well.

Love, Filippa


Coast to Coast USA - Day 3

Hi everyone!
This is day 3 of my language trip to the US. To read the previous ones press the label "USA 2014" under this post!

Day three started with a last selfie in Boston and a long bus trip down to NYC. New York City is my favourite destination of all the ones on this trip. Even though I had already been there a couple of times it's a freaking amazing city and you get flabbergasted every time you visit. 

This picture I took from the bus, I'm not really sure what the woman was thinking but she was rollerskating with huge bags of empty bottles down the street. Pretty cray cray. Anyway, we went to eat and then we got some shopping done.

A selfie with NYC. Later on we went to the Empire State Building, despite having been to New York several times earlier I had never visited the Empire State Building but wow it was amazing.

The view was absolutely incredible and it was hard to fathom how high up you really were.

After we ate our Mexican dinner we got some more shopping done. I got to spend loads of money at my absolute favourite store, Victoria's Secret! Next up was Times Square, very crowded but I guess it was pretty cool seeing all the billboards.

After a long day of travelling, sight-seeing and shopping we finally got to our hotel and were able to rest. (obviously not all of the shopping is mine, I'm not a shopaholic) ;)

Love, Filippa


Basic makeup look

Helloo! For this week's video I made a makeup look tutorial thingy... next week will probably be a haul!

Love, Filippa


Sunny Saturday

Cute Linn by the water // the weather // I felt it was safest to blur all our faces, since we were caught in action

Hello everybody! I got some filming for tomorrow's video done today but I still have a little bit of filming and a whole lot of editing left to do so that's tomorrow's plans.

Today I went into town to meet up with my friend Linn. We don't see each other as much anymore since we don't go to the same school. The weather was great so we went and bought something to eat and went to sit by the water. So cozy. Later on we were at Linn's house with two of my other friends, we ate, laughed, played monopoly and went out to a nearby park (which is where the last pic is from).

I'm gonna go to bed now, goodnight everybody!

Love, Filippa


French braid friday

Today I wore my hair in two french braids, I had a relatively easy school day then I drove home. I made myself a smoothie (2 kiwis, a handfull of strawberries, orange juice and milk) and went for a powerwalk with the dog!

Right now I'm lying in bed and watching That '70s Show, the plans for later is to drive back into town and meet up my girls for some food. Talk to you later!

Love, Filippa


A tip from me

A small tip from me is to use frozen berries instead of ice cubes! It looks cute and gives the drink a fruity taste. My personal favourite is raspberries but since we didn't have any I had to use strawberries which worked fine!

Hope you all are well!
Love, Filippa


Our memories of the ocean will linger on, long after our footprints in the sand are gone.

Obviously not my pictures since they're absolutely gorgeous, all rights go to their respective owners.

I'm strezzzzzzzzed out. I'm so ready to go for a vacation right now, school is really tough since I've got one of my worst periods (schedule wise) right now. It sucks since I'm so tired of school already. At least summer is right around the corner, I'm trying to keep that in mind with the workload I've got. 

I've got one month off before I start my summer job! I'm so grateful that I actually got a summer job since it's very competitive where I live, right after I'm done with my summer job we're going for a family holiday to Spain. Can't wait!

Love, Filippa


4 random old ones

Hello everybody!
Today I was in school and after that I went shopping! I'm planning to do a haul video for Sunday so I won't show you what I got just yet. I didn't get that much yet, but I'm going back tomorrow when I have more time. The weather's been amazing these past few days so I'm hoping it's gonna keep being this way.

Love, Filippa


Coast to Coast USA - Day 2

I woke up today with the worst migraine but it's gotten a lot better so I decided to make another part of my coast to coast diary.

Ootd, everything from H&M // A pic of Boston from the bus

In the Public Garden // Walking along the streets of Boston

Make Way for the Ducklings, a statue contributed of the children's book with the same name. //
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody anyone?

A duck tour bus // View of Boston from the water

When we got tired of shopping we stopped for som Ben&Jerry's // A little bit of shopping

Day 2 in Boston. First off we had a guided tour on our bus and then we went for a walk around Boston. We had lunch at Faneuil Hall (didn't have any pictures apparently) and then we went on a duck tour. A duck tour is basically the same as any other tour except the "bus" is amphibious (it can be both on land and on water). So first we got a little tour around Boston on land and then in the water.

After that we went to Prudential Center to get some shopping done, but frankly there wasn't a lot of stores that interested us so we got ice-cream instead. Then we got some dinner and went back to the hotel.

So disappointed that I didn't get to eat at Dunkin' Donuts while we were in Boston. There was one on pretty much every corner (Since DD is from Boston) but we still didn't stop, such a wasted opportunity oh well. 

Love, Filippa


Things to do when bored

Hello everybody! Finally got my video up, please check it out and tell me what you think. I'll talk about my weekend in another post.

Love, Filippa


Saturday breakfast in bed

My breakfast. Which I did eat in bed, I just took the pictures outside ;)

Today I woke up at about 7am even though it's Saturday. I wish I could have slept in for a bit longer but It's getting bright very early nowadays so I can't fall back asleep when I wake up. I got all my filming and editing done for tomorrow's video, so tune in tomorrow on my blog and I'll have posted it. 

I'm getting ready now to go spend the night at a friend's house so I'll talk to you guys later.

Love, Filippa


Coast to Coast USA - 2014 Day 1

Hi everybody, hope you had an amazing day!
I've decided to make a couple blog posts about my language trip with EF that I took this past summer. Since I wasn't sponsored by EF this is going to be my absolute honest opinion about the trip. 

A misspelled vanilla creme from Starbucks and a no-makeup selfie to start the trip off. We got up quite early and went to Helsinki airport. A big minus before the trip even started was that we didn't get a schedule of what we were going to be doing. I actually called there several times and got sent a preliminary schedule but nobody else knew what was planned.

The 7 hour flight was as expected pretty boring. As always when you fly to the US they had a few shows to watch and the customs declaration you have to fill in before you get there. Take a pen with you, you will need it.

 Since we (the Finns) got there before everybody else we actually were able to see a little bit more than everybody else. First off we went to the beach (No idea which beach), it was really nice and beautiful. Then we got a little tour of Boston.

Boston is a beautiful city, quite big but not in the same way as NYC. After we rode the bus around for awhile we went to pick everybody else (The Swedes, Norwegians and Russians) up at the airport before we finally ate, also at the airport. For our first meal in the States we ate at Burger King.

Part 2 will be published shortly.

Love, Filippa


Piano, Salad and a normal Thursay

Today was a good day! I had school to 1pm and then I went to have lunch @Pincho, they had a
tasty salad buffet. I got a ride home, didn't do anything special until I went to my last piano class for this spring. I started taking piano last fall so I'm not exactly an expert(yet) but it's a lot of fun and I have learned lots in this past year. Now I'm gonna jump in the shower before revising for my math test that I have tomorrow.
Hope you had a great Thursday!

Love, Filippa


DIY - Personal calender

I thought I'd show you what I did to my calendar to make it more personal. You can see the before picture of the calendar right below here:

 First I made a couple of collages on pictures that I wanted to use. Some of them are my own and some of them are from weheartit.com

I cut out all the pictures...

..and arranged them to fit onto the calendar.
Then I put glue on one side of the calendar at a time. After that I stuck the pictures onto it. Another alternative would be to apply the glue directly on to the pictures.

And the final result! I really love my calendar after the makeover, I love taking it out of my bag on a boring school day. I get so motivated and happy from all the pictures.

Do you like posts like these?

Love, Filippa
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