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Hey, I decided to be a hipster and move my blog to nouw.com. If I don't like it, I'll of course continue on blogger. So far I'm really liking it. Please follow me on the new blog http://nouw.com/filippaw !

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Umeå haul

Black maxi dress (150kr) and grey jumpsuit (100kr)from H&M
"Orre" pants from salt, (250kr?)

Real techniques borstar from H&M, Celsius from Coop.


Umeå - 04/07/15

We started off the trip early in the morning by the sundeck. Since me and one of my best friends Eve hadn't seen each other in a while we had a bit to catch up on.
 After the boat and bus we finally arrived and before we started shopping we decided to eat some sallads and these were really tasty. I accidentally turned on the fish-eye effect on my camera and wasn't able to turn it off until later so you have to excuse this picture.
A break at Espresso House.
Since it was a Saturday, after a while all the stores started to close so we went to Max to eat and chill. They advertise their hamburgers as the best in Sweden. I think thought it was tasty but definitely not the best I've had.

Then we took the boat back over, returning tired and a lot poorer. All in all it was a really nice trip and mostly because the company was so great <3 . A haul will be up soon.

Love, Filippa


The past 2 weeks

It's been over two weeks since my last post guys, I'm so sorry! But here's a BIG update on everything that's happend.

It's been good weather for tanning // I went over to Sweden with this beauty, I'll probably make a separate post about that trip + what I bought

We got some Frapinos from Espresso House, they were delicious // I've managed to catch a bit of tan

Taken it easy // My aunt's new, adorable dog Messi

Went to see Magic Mike XXl // OOTD, a maxi dress from H&M

I spent loads of time with the wonderful Ella 

Sleepover with Linn & Ella  // Celebrated Eve's birthday, I didn't have any better pictures on my phone, but I'll show you the one's from my camera once I get them onto my computer!

Random pics 

Tried Frappe for the first time, which I've drank quite a lot since then // My cute anklet

Nice evening with good music // Went to see Natalie ♥ before she went on a 9 day camp

Tried to be healthy with a salad // I've eaten loads of strawberries

A selfie // Spent even more time with Ella, eating as always

 We spontaneuosly decided to go on these surfboard-thingies they had by the water, it was so much fun and I didn't even fall into the sea

Then we got ice cream and enjoyed the beautiful sunset

Then I've spent even m o r e time with Ella, surprise surprise! I've seriously been with her almost everyday for two weeks, so glad that I don't get tired of her. Since that's usually the case when I spend loads of time with one person, but not with this cutie. 

And wow, even more time spent with Ella, it that's possible.

This was yesterday, we went and Ice cream and blowed bubbles! Then we met up with Dessi  Sadly I didn't catch her on camera. 

But basically to sum up the past two weeks, I've worked loads and only got two days left now, crazy! I've hung out with friends, especially Ella, eaten loads of delicious things, spent way too much money and enjoyed what's left of the summer holidays. When I have my last workday on Friday that will mark the week I have left before going to Spain, where I'll be right up until school starts again.

There have been way too many snapchat / mobile pics in this post and I'll try to post more "real" camera photos soon. It feels like the summer just started but when I look back on all my posts it really seems like I've had time to do loads of stuff! 

Love, Filippa


Opposite of an egoboost

You know those days when you look yourself into the mirror and do a double take? When you stare and stare but can't see the faults? When you think "Daaaamn, why don't I have thousands of people serving my every need?" Monday was that kind of day.

Then I came to the ugly realisation that I must have such a horrifying personality that my good looks can't disguise it. Fuck.

Ofc, I didn't take a single picture of my beautiful self, so here's a pic from last summer.


Pizzadate and horror

Haaay! Now to be clear about the title, I don't mean that the pizzadate that I had was a horror but work today suuucked. I was so tired, and in such a bad mood but then I met up with Natalie and now I feel super happy. I hope you have a friend like her in your life, she's so wonderful and amazing, love you bby!

Anyway, we got pizza, did stupid things (well mostly me ) and just talked and laughed. Exactly what I needed, thank you for a great evening!

Now, I'm gonna go to bed so I have the energy for work tomorrow...

Love, Filippa
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