Stressed but well dressed

My collection of candles // Sweater - Mango, Scarf - Ginatricot, Jeans - Primark, Bracelet - Thomas Sabo, Watch - MBMJ

I've been so stressed lately so the best thing to do is to take 20 minutes out of my day, light a bunch of scented candles and lie down in a dark room. While on the subject of relaxing, today on P.E. we had Yoga and wow it was great, I think I want to start doing that on a regular basis. But first I have to get through this hectic week. Hope you all are well!

Love, Filippa


Thailand in December

The photos don't have anything to do with the text, but wasn't I cute as a child?

Hello everybody! Today I had a pretty normal school day. In Swedish class I had a presentation about my identity and I'm pretty sure it went horribly. I need to work on my presentation skills, even though I had practiced giving the presentation several times, I forgot what I was supposed to say and had a total blackout.

But on another note, we've booked a trip to Thailand in December! I can hardly wait, I haven't been to Thailand in over 5 years but from what I remember it's absolutely beautiful and heavenly warm. Right now I'm lying in my bed, freezing from the powerwalk we did on P.E. today. So freaking cold especially when it started snowing,  and last week it felt like summer was just around the corner. Thailand sounds good right about now.

Love, Filippa


If stress burned calories, I'd be a supermodel

A few pics from last week.

Hey! Next week I'll probably not be too active. Exam week is next week and I'm stressed out. Can't wait for summer. But I'm also stressed because I haven't heard anything from the summer jobs I've applied for. High school is kicking my butt. We're planning a trip for January, that's pretty much the highlight of today. My vote goes to Vietnam but we haven't booked anything yet.

Hope you're having a better Sunday!
Love, Filippa



My outfit, kind of // This amazing Icetea I tried // Subway cookie party // The beautiful sky

Yesterday was fun. When school ended for the day I went with a couple of my friends to Subway and later on we went to check out one of their apartments. Her apartment was really cute and had a beautiful balcony. Later on I was picked up by my mom and sister, we went shopping and I got some necessities.

I'm currently stressing because I have this presentation for Monday about my identity and I have no idea what I'm going to present. I'll probably go running now and then take a shower before I start with all of my schoolwork. Exam week is next week so frankly I'm really stressed in school right now. Tonight I'm going to my friend's house to celebrate her turning 17. In less than two years I'll be 18, that's crazy I still feel so immature. But hopefully that'll change.

Did anybody see the eclipse today (with special glasses of course) ?

Love, Filippa



From my powerwalk today // Subway with friends

Hey! Yesterday I had a long day. From school we had to participate in the event Vaasa against racism! I didn't really mind and it was a lot of fun. The only bad thing was that everyone had to stay very late after school. Afterwards I went with some friends to Subway and ate while talking. When I came home I did my homework and then I fell asleep. I'm getting ready to go to school now but just wanted to write something beforehand. Gotta go!

Love, Filippa


Summer plans

A few photos from my trip to Gran Canaria last December.

Hey! I have a free period in school at the moment so I thought I'd blog a little bit. I've had a lot of free periods this year so next year I'll have a full schedule. I'm not looking forward to it but frankly I've had an easy school year so it's okay.

The pictures are from Gran Canaria, we went there in December to celebrate my grandfather turning 70. There'll probably be more photos from that trip in future blog posts. It was my first time to the Canary Island and I have to admit, I wasn't very impressed. I prefer the "mainland" of Spain. Speaking of Spain, we've booked a trip right before school starts in August to Fuengirola. It's become quite a tradition for my family to go there every summer. I've done it the last 3 years. You probably think that's a bit excessive, but my grandparents live there so it's very affordable for us to travel there when we have accommodation already accounted for.

Love, Filippa



A few pictures from the beautiful sunset a couple of days ago.

I love living right by the sea. That's probably what I would miss the most if I ever were to move inwards into the country far away from any ocean. Right now there's a cover of ice over the sea but I predict that it'll melt before this month is over. We've been having such wonderful weather over the last couple of weeks, spring is almost here!

Today I had school from 8.15am to 4pm but it was actually a lot of fun. I had a free period and P.E. Which definitely made the school-day go a lot faster. When we had P.E. we went to a gym for a martial art's class and it was very interesting but quite exhausting. I've never realised how drained you feel after kicking and punching for 45 minutes.

After I got home from school I've done some homework but right now it smells like somebody's cooking downstairs, I'm gonna go check that out. Hope you've had a great Monday!

Love, Filippa


Basic makeup look

A makeup look I did a couple of days ago // All of the makeup that I used

This is a cute makeup look I did a few days ago. I would use this on a day out shopping or on a spring picnic. It's a bit too basic to use on a night out but if you like your makeup simple, go for it.

If I use a lot of eye makeup (eyeliner, fake eyelashes + eye shadow) I tend to go easy on the blush and bronzer. This is not an everyday look for me, I usually just put on some bb cream and mascara, but it's a lot of fun to spice things up and try some new looks.

Love, Filippa


My breakfast

This is what I eat pretty much everyday. Porridge with raspberries, green tea and inspiration on the side.

Love, Filippa

Saturday laziness

Heyy! This is day 2 of me blogging! Wonderful, i've blogged for 2 days straight hahah. I've not been very productive today. I went for a powerwalk with the dog earlier, and that's probably the most important thing I did all day today. Right now I'm listening to some music on Spotify and I've been organizing my pictures on iPhoto for a couple of hours.

Today I was hurt by one person. I've frankly been hurt enough and I've decided to let it go and hopefully never think of this person again. If in 5 years I can look back at this blogpost and have no clue to whom I was referring then I'll have succeeded.

Love, Filippa


My first post

And welcome to my new blog! I haven't blogged for a couple of years, and never in English. So why did you start a blog then, you might ask yourself. Well i'm at a place in my life, where I'm not happy with the way my life is (btw, i'm not sure if it should be I'm or i'm... English is not my first language xD) and I need a change. That would explain the very interesting choice of title! Another reason for why I started this blog in English is because my English has been gradually getting worse since last summer. You see, I used to go to a middle school where a lot of my classes would be taught in English. But since I started high school last year I don't have the same command of English as I used to and that's been bothering me. So I decided to fix this by getting myself this blog thingie and I would practice my English on a regular basis.

I used way too much of the word English in that paragraph. Is it called paragraph? I don't know. You see, I really need to fix my English :'( . So I decided to go all 2005 on you guys and start a blog, 10 years after it was cool.

I think I'll introduce myself in the next post. C yaaaaaaaa !!

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