Coast to Coast USA - Day 2

I woke up today with the worst migraine but it's gotten a lot better so I decided to make another part of my coast to coast diary.

Ootd, everything from H&M // A pic of Boston from the bus

In the Public Garden // Walking along the streets of Boston

Make Way for the Ducklings, a statue contributed of the children's book with the same name. //
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody anyone?

A duck tour bus // View of Boston from the water

When we got tired of shopping we stopped for som Ben&Jerry's // A little bit of shopping

Day 2 in Boston. First off we had a guided tour on our bus and then we went for a walk around Boston. We had lunch at Faneuil Hall (didn't have any pictures apparently) and then we went on a duck tour. A duck tour is basically the same as any other tour except the "bus" is amphibious (it can be both on land and on water). So first we got a little tour around Boston on land and then in the water.

After that we went to Prudential Center to get some shopping done, but frankly there wasn't a lot of stores that interested us so we got ice-cream instead. Then we got some dinner and went back to the hotel.

So disappointed that I didn't get to eat at Dunkin' Donuts while we were in Boston. There was one on pretty much every corner (Since DD is from Boston) but we still didn't stop, such a wasted opportunity oh well. 

Love, Filippa

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