Coast to Coast USA - 2014 Day 1

Hi everybody, hope you had an amazing day!
I've decided to make a couple blog posts about my language trip with EF that I took this past summer. Since I wasn't sponsored by EF this is going to be my absolute honest opinion about the trip. 

A misspelled vanilla creme from Starbucks and a no-makeup selfie to start the trip off. We got up quite early and went to Helsinki airport. A big minus before the trip even started was that we didn't get a schedule of what we were going to be doing. I actually called there several times and got sent a preliminary schedule but nobody else knew what was planned.

The 7 hour flight was as expected pretty boring. As always when you fly to the US they had a few shows to watch and the customs declaration you have to fill in before you get there. Take a pen with you, you will need it.

 Since we (the Finns) got there before everybody else we actually were able to see a little bit more than everybody else. First off we went to the beach (No idea which beach), it was really nice and beautiful. Then we got a little tour of Boston.

Boston is a beautiful city, quite big but not in the same way as NYC. After we rode the bus around for awhile we went to pick everybody else (The Swedes, Norwegians and Russians) up at the airport before we finally ate, also at the airport. For our first meal in the States we ate at Burger King.

Part 2 will be published shortly.

Love, Filippa

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  1. Oh, not knowing the schedule would have made me go crazy. How do you plan your life without knowing what's going on? xD Good you got one on request, though! I am looking forward to see this series continue. I'm very curious about what you did and how you liked it in the US :)


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