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Hey, I decided to be a hipster and move my blog to nouw.com. If I don't like it, I'll of course continue on blogger. So far I'm really liking it. Please follow me on the new blog http://nouw.com/filippaw !

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Umeå haul

Black maxi dress (150kr) and grey jumpsuit (100kr)from H&M
"Orre" pants from salt, (250kr?)

Real techniques borstar from H&M, Celsius from Coop.


Umeå - 04/07/15

We started off the trip early in the morning by the sundeck. Since me and one of my best friends Eve hadn't seen each other in a while we had a bit to catch up on.
 After the boat and bus we finally arrived and before we started shopping we decided to eat some sallads and these were really tasty. I accidentally turned on the fish-eye effect on my camera and wasn't able to turn it off until later so you have to excuse this picture.
A break at Espresso House.
Since it was a Saturday, after a while all the stores started to close so we went to Max to eat and chill. They advertise their hamburgers as the best in Sweden. I think thought it was tasty but definitely not the best I've had.

Then we took the boat back over, returning tired and a lot poorer. All in all it was a really nice trip and mostly because the company was so great <3 . A haul will be up soon.

Love, Filippa
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