Coast to Coast USA - Day 3

Hi everyone!
This is day 3 of my language trip to the US. To read the previous ones press the label "USA 2014" under this post!

Day three started with a last selfie in Boston and a long bus trip down to NYC. New York City is my favourite destination of all the ones on this trip. Even though I had already been there a couple of times it's a freaking amazing city and you get flabbergasted every time you visit. 

This picture I took from the bus, I'm not really sure what the woman was thinking but she was rollerskating with huge bags of empty bottles down the street. Pretty cray cray. Anyway, we went to eat and then we got some shopping done.

A selfie with NYC. Later on we went to the Empire State Building, despite having been to New York several times earlier I had never visited the Empire State Building but wow it was amazing.

The view was absolutely incredible and it was hard to fathom how high up you really were.

After we ate our Mexican dinner we got some more shopping done. I got to spend loads of money at my absolute favourite store, Victoria's Secret! Next up was Times Square, very crowded but I guess it was pretty cool seeing all the billboards.

After a long day of travelling, sight-seeing and shopping we finally got to our hotel and were able to rest. (obviously not all of the shopping is mine, I'm not a shopaholic) ;)

Love, Filippa

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