Thailand in December

The photos don't have anything to do with the text, but wasn't I cute as a child?

Hello everybody! Today I had a pretty normal school day. In Swedish class I had a presentation about my identity and I'm pretty sure it went horribly. I need to work on my presentation skills, even though I had practiced giving the presentation several times, I forgot what I was supposed to say and had a total blackout.

But on another note, we've booked a trip to Thailand in December! I can hardly wait, I haven't been to Thailand in over 5 years but from what I remember it's absolutely beautiful and heavenly warm. Right now I'm lying in my bed, freezing from the powerwalk we did on P.E. today. So freaking cold especially when it started snowing,  and last week it felt like summer was just around the corner. Thailand sounds good right about now.

Love, Filippa

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