A few pictures from the beautiful sunset a couple of days ago.

I love living right by the sea. That's probably what I would miss the most if I ever were to move inwards into the country far away from any ocean. Right now there's a cover of ice over the sea but I predict that it'll melt before this month is over. We've been having such wonderful weather over the last couple of weeks, spring is almost here!

Today I had school from 8.15am to 4pm but it was actually a lot of fun. I had a free period and P.E. Which definitely made the school-day go a lot faster. When we had P.E. we went to a gym for a martial art's class and it was very interesting but quite exhausting. I've never realised how drained you feel after kicking and punching for 45 minutes.

After I got home from school I've done some homework but right now it smells like somebody's cooking downstairs, I'm gonna go check that out. Hope you've had a great Monday!

Love, Filippa

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