Summer plans

A few photos from my trip to Gran Canaria last December.

Hey! I have a free period in school at the moment so I thought I'd blog a little bit. I've had a lot of free periods this year so next year I'll have a full schedule. I'm not looking forward to it but frankly I've had an easy school year so it's okay.

The pictures are from Gran Canaria, we went there in December to celebrate my grandfather turning 70. There'll probably be more photos from that trip in future blog posts. It was my first time to the Canary Island and I have to admit, I wasn't very impressed. I prefer the "mainland" of Spain. Speaking of Spain, we've booked a trip right before school starts in August to Fuengirola. It's become quite a tradition for my family to go there every summer. I've done it the last 3 years. You probably think that's a bit excessive, but my grandparents live there so it's very affordable for us to travel there when we have accommodation already accounted for.

Love, Filippa

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