My outfit, kind of // This amazing Icetea I tried // Subway cookie party // The beautiful sky

Yesterday was fun. When school ended for the day I went with a couple of my friends to Subway and later on we went to check out one of their apartments. Her apartment was really cute and had a beautiful balcony. Later on I was picked up by my mom and sister, we went shopping and I got some necessities.

I'm currently stressing because I have this presentation for Monday about my identity and I have no idea what I'm going to present. I'll probably go running now and then take a shower before I start with all of my schoolwork. Exam week is next week so frankly I'm really stressed in school right now. Tonight I'm going to my friend's house to celebrate her turning 17. In less than two years I'll be 18, that's crazy I still feel so immature. But hopefully that'll change.

Did anybody see the eclipse today (with special glasses of course) ?

Love, Filippa

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