In the land of a thousand lakes

And there I go saying that I'm gonna start blogging regularly again. What do I do? Ofc I forget to blog. Oh well I'm not sure any of you have missed me that much since there are plenty of blogs out there to read.

Summer came so quickly after all the stress from school I haven't even been able to take it all in. The weather hasn't helped either, it's been pretty awful. So windy and rainy, how am I going to get my tan this summer? Jokes aside (the joke was about my tan, not sure all of you got it... I'm really pale and have trouble getting tan xD) my start of the summer hasn't really been that interesting. Reading, sleeping, eating and watching tv-series. Actually I did go into town to meet up my friend E today, to get some shopping done and eating at subway. We also stumbled upon L and went to get ice-cream together. I'll probably do a haul post with what I bought later on this week.

The probably most interesting thing that has happened is getting a new outside couch, which you can spot on all the pictures above. I haven't been able to enjoy it too much, because of the weather but hopefully I'll get a lot of opportunities this summer.

I do have loads of plans for summer though, Spain, working, hopefully a trip to both Sweden and Helsinki but that still needs some planning. I hope to visit some amusement parks, beaches, spend loads of time riding my penny board and having picknicks with my friends. And only a week until my seventeenth birthday! That will surely be a blast!

Love, Filippa

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